Dr K. Andrew (Drew) Peterson

Areas of expertise

  • Ocean data assimilation and development of coupled ocean/ atmosphere data assimilation;

  • Climate variability and prediction at intraseasonal to interannual timescales

  • Ocean modelling for climate variability and climate prediction applications

My Publications - Peterson, D

Current activities

Drew's primary activity has been the development of the ocean data assimilation and initialisation component for the new generation of seasonal forecast systems for Seasonal prediction. At seasonal timescales, the ocean provides many of the longer timescales (memory) that give predictability to the forecast system. Therefore, an accurate assessment of a dynamically consistent state of the ocean with which to initialise a seasonal forecast system is fundamental to a successful and accurate forecast. Furthermore, ocean data assimilation and ocean (re)analysis are emerging activities in their own right, fundamental not only to monthly to decadal prediction, but also crucial to emerging global ocean prediction applications.

A crucial aspect of seasonal initialisation process, is the reduction of "initialisation shock," which happens when an atmospheric model and oceanic model that have been independently initialised, are coupled together and expected to be dynamically consistent with each other. Towards this end, we have been actively exploring ideas of how to achieve coupled ocean/atmosphere initialisation. This should not only improve the predictability of seasonal forecasting, but also render coupled ocean/atmosphere forecasting on shorter timescales possible thus seamlessly integrating the Met Office's forecasting capabilities.

Being responsible for ocean initialisation in the seasonal forecast system, Drew works closely with other Met Office researchers working on Global Ocean Circulation and Ocean Forecasting Research, principally those working with NCOF.

Career background

Drew has worked at the Met Office since 2007 as the member of the Seasonal prediction team in the Monthly to decadal prediction group, responsible for developing the ocean data assimilation and initialisation component.

Previous to working at the Met Office, Drew was an associate professor of physics at Ramapo College of New Jersey, after working as a research scientist in the Canadian CliVar Research Network studying interannual climate variability at both Dalhousie University (Halifax, NS, Canada) and Memorial University of Newfoundland (St. John's, NL, Canada). Drew received a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB, Canada) and a B.Sc. (Hon) in Physics from the University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, SK, Canada).