Dr Graham Weedon

Areas of expertise

  • Data analysis

  • Time-series analysis

  • Land surface processes

  • Use of satellite data to validate land surface processes

Current activities

Graham is currently creating sub-daily global land, half-degree resolution meteorological data for 1901-2001 based on ECMWF ERA-40 re-analysis data. This activity is part of WorkBlock 1 (Modelling 20th Century Water Cycle) in the EU FP6 programme WATCH. The resulting dataset is known as the WFD.

He is analysing the impact of uncertainties in the WFD on the hydrological performance of Joint UK Land Environment Simulator (JULES). He is also Investigating trends and correlations of global potential evapotranspiration as diagnosed using the WFD for the late 20th Century.

A recent project involves him collaborating with Gianpaolo Balsamo at ECMWF to create a product for running land surface models based on the ERA Interim data that joins seamlessly with the WFD (that extend back to 1901).

Much of Graham's recent work includes collaboration with staff in CEH at Wallingford; associated with WATCH, benchmarking JULES, and using satellite data with JULES.

Graham is also WorkBlock 1 leader in the EU-WATCH programme.

Career background

Graham joined the Met Office Hadley Centre in mid 2007 as part of the land surface team at Wallingford within the JCHMR.

From 2004 he the Coordinator of NERC CLASSIC at the University of Swansea.

He spent twelve years as a Senior lecturer in Geology and Earth Sciences at the University of Bedfordshire (formerly University of Luton). As part of Graham's research into palaeoclimatology he participated on three Ocean Drilling Program legs (Legs 117, 154 and 181 in: the Arabian Sea near Oman; the western equatorial Atlantic near Brazil; and in the Southern Ocean near New Zealand).

Graham helped pioneer the use of time-series analysis in palaeoclimatology resulting in the book: Weedon, 2003, Time-Series Analysis and Cyclostratigraphy: Examining Stratigraphic records of Environmental Cycles, published by Cambridge University Press.

Graham's earlier research career involved a period (1987-1992) at the University of Cambridge as a postdoctoral researcher and Research fellow at Downing College following completion of a doctorate (D.Phil.) in Geology at the University of Oxford.