Dr Jessica Amies

Areas of expertise

  • Metocean applications
  • Climate projections
  • Sea-level change
  • Past climates
  • Machine learning

Publications by Jessica Amies

Current activities

Jessica works within the Industry Science and Consultancy team, with a focus on projects within Marine Applications. She is currently exploring the use of machine learning techniques as a computationally lightweight approach to projecting how wave climates may change in the future. She is also involved in looking at the tailoring of longer range and seasonal forecasting techniques for application within the offshore sector, to help them improve decision making at longer lead times. 

Jessica has also worked on projects looking at how climate change may impact a range of different industry sectors in the coming decades, enabling customers to account for this in their long-term planning and therefore continue to make informed decisions. She has also been involved in projects to identify and communicate aspects of large-scale climate dynamics and climate change for regions within Africa and Asia, as well as the potential impacts of these, for both government and industry customers. 

Career background

Jessica joined the Met Office and the Industry Consultancy team in March 2020.

Before this, Jessica was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Australian National University where her research focused on reconstructing past sea level change, and in studying past variations in Mediterranean oceanography and the African monsoon system. Prior to this she completed her PhD in Palaeoclimate at the same institute.

Jessica obtained a first class honours Oceanography MSci degree from the University of Southampton in 2012. Directly after this she spent 18 months working in the marine sector as a Hydrographic Surveyor.