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Livia Thorpe

Livia is involved in developing the global coupled model.

Areas of expertise

  • Air-sea interactions
  • Interpolation between model grids

Current activities

Livia works on developing and testing the coupling between the different sub-models (atmosphere, land, ocean and sea-ice) in the global coupled model. This involves upgrading the ocean and sea-ice components of the global coupled model to newer versions and testing packages of code changes that have been developed by other scientists. She has also looked at the conservation of energy and water when fields are transformed from one type of grid to another (which happens when fields are sent between the atmosphere and the ocean).
Livia is also working on implementing and testing a skin sea surface temperature scheme in JULES and the Unified Model. The temperature in the near-surface ocean typically varies with depth and depends on the local time of day and weather conditions. The scheme should improve the representation of the diurnal variation in sea surface temperature and associated surface fluxes arising from air-sea interaction processes.

Career background

Livia has been working in the Global coupled modelling team since joining the Met Office in October 2012. In 2013, Livia completed two 3-month placements with other teams in Science. The first was in the Verification team, where she worked on setting up automatic verification of visibility and cloud base height forecasts for aviation. The second was in the Climate sensitivity and feedbacks group, where she looked at the physical drivers of precipitation change in the historical period and 21st century projections. Prior to joining the Met Office, Livia completed an MPhys in Physics at Jesus College, University of Oxford.

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