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Malcolm Lee

Malcolm Lee co-manages the Weather Analytics team

Malcolm manages consultancy projects and pull through of consultancy to operational services, particularly focusing on improving resilience and safety.

Current activities

  • Exploring solutions for managing the impact of severe weather on business operations
  • Working with customers to integrate weather intelligence into their operations
  • Developing underpinning weather data sources (forecast and observed) for use in customer services
  • Transforming weather data using physical and statistical models into useful commodities such as soil moisture
  • Predictive analytics based upon the weather sensitivity analysis of customer data

Career background

  • Using radar and raingauge rainfall in the production of optimum areal rainfall estimates
  • Development of the Met Office soil moisture and evaporation service - MORECS
  • Dispersion modelling and experiments in connection with pollution incidents and Foot and Mouth disease
  • Crop growth in relation to slope, aspect and accumulated temperature
  • Forecast services tailored for the agricultural and horticultural community
  • Developing and routinely delivering gridded UK weather summaries, including UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP) data
  • Project and portfolio management process development
  • Financial budgeting and forecasting
  • Using model data to produce wind climatologies for the renewable energy industry

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