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Dr Paul Cresswell

Paul works on maintaining and improving the Unified Model code.

Areas of expertise

  • Fortran programming
  • Parallel programming with OpenMP
  • IDL programming

My Publications - Cresswell, P

Current activities

Paul is a member of the Unified Model Technical Infrastructure team, whose work includes improving and maintaining the Unified Model code. An important part of this work is reviewing additions to the Unified Model by other scientists to ensure they meet the required technical standards. At every release of the Unified Model Paul prepares the code and its documentation for distribution to externally licensed institutions, and provides support to the users who receive it. He also assists internal development of the Unified Model by maintaining the linux-desktop based version of the code.

Career background

Paul has been a member of the Unified Model Technical Infrastructure team since starting at the Met Office in 2009. Prior to joining the Met Office he completed a PhD in Astronomy at Queen Mary, University of London, where he stayed on to pursue postdoctoral research. His work on fluid dynamics led to him becoming a regular user of the United Kingdom Astrophysical Fluid Facility, a shared supercomputing resource based in Leicester.

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