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Paul Maisey

Paul leads the Insurance and Capital Markets team

Paul leads work on the research and validation of weather and climate information tailored to the needs of the insurance and finance industries.

Current activities

Paul provides day-to-day management and leadership of the Insurance and Capital Markets team. His activities include managing and building relationships with external collaborators in industry and academia, working with colleagues internally to make best use of the available science and technology and communicating Met Office scientific capabilities to interested parties.

The activities that Paul leads include the development of a range of prototype Insurance and Capital Markets products for the insurance industry, such as Underwriting and portfolio management and a Risk Modelling. These are being used to develop a presence in the market and gain insight from engagement with potential customers.

Paul also has an interest in innovative changes to the working environment that enable research to be performed in a more flexible and intelligent way.

Career background

After completing a BSc(Hons) in Physics and Meteorology at the University of Reading, Paul joined the Met Office in 1995, initially working on the development of a site-specific forecasting model for improving the local forecasting of temperature and fog. As the range of site-specific products widened, Paul was instrumental in the development of the database and product generation system, before moving into a related system support role.

In 2007 Paul moved to a role in business integration, building stronger links between science and business teams to ensure that pull-through of scientific research into products and services was successfully meeting customer needs. During this period Paul completed an MBA with the Open University.

Following a spell on secondment to the Corporate Planning team, Paul moved to the Aviation Applications team in 2011, taking over management of the team in 2013. During this period Paul's work included a range of consultancy activities and research into improving convection forecasting for the WAFC service.

Paul took up the management of the Insurance and Capital Markets team in the middle of 2014.

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