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Phil Edgington

Phil applies local and regional climatological and atmospheric dispersion expertise to consultancy, modelling services, and research projects.

Areas of expertise

Phil's areas of expertise include:

  • Agricultural climatology
  • Atmospheric dispersion modelling
  • Consultancy and reporting
  • GIS analysis and visualisation

Current activities

Phil is a member of the MORET team, based at ADAS in Wolverhampton. Phil leads the atmospheric dispersion modelling sector, which uses local climatologies to assess the impact air borne emissions from intensive livestock, waste and other facilities on the environment and local communities. Phil is also involved with the delivery of the leaf fall service for the railway industry in the autumn, and other research and development projects.

Career background

Phil started working at the Met Office in 2012 as an agricultural climatologist within the MORET team, focusing on atmospheric dispersion modelling for planning and permitting, leaf fall modelling for the railway industry, and the provision of pest and disease alert or prediction services to clients in agriculture.

Prior to working for MORET, Phil was a GIS Consultant at ADAS, providing spatial analysis and visualisation of geospatial data, for a variety of projects for national government, regulatory and corporate clients. He has also worked in higher education, as a GIS & Remote Sensing Technician at the University of Derby. Phil obtained a BSc in Geography and Surveying and Mapping Science from Newcastle University in 1998, and an MSc in Geographical Information Science from Nottingham University in 2007.

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