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Richard Dumelow

Richard evaluates very high resolution weather forecasts.

Richard works to investigate the value of increasing the resolution of numerical weather prediction models for regional forecasts.

Current activities

Richard's work aims to gain a better understanding of the value of increasing the resolution of the Met Office Unified Model. A key aspect of his work is to investigate the impact of increasing the vertical resolution of the operational forecast model from its current 70 levels. It is hoped that by using a larger number of levels better forecasts of temperature inversions and stratocumulus cloud will be obtained.

As running a forecast model at higher resolution is computationally more expensive, Richard's work should enable informed decisions to be made about how the Met Office can make best use of its supercomputer for the benefit of operational forecasts.

Career background

Richard joined the Met Office in 1979 after obtaining an Honours degree in Mathematics from Manchester University. Over his career he has worked mainly within the Data Assimilation and Ensembles section of Forecasting Research and Development where he has been involved in the development of the operational data assimilation and observation processing systems. In recent years his work has focused on the impact of observing systems on forecast performance which has helped towards formulating a cost-effective design of the Global Observing System.

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