An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Dr Richard Graham OBE

Areas of expertise

  • Long-range prediction.

  • Forecast verification.

  • Climate outlooks for Africa.

My Publications - Graham, R

Current activities

Richard leads the Monthly to Decadal Applications group. A key task of the group is to develop practical climate prediction products that can be readily used to inform planning and policy. This is done by distilling complex information from climate models and other sources into informative 'user-friendly' formats.

Richard's main research interests and collaborations are:

  • experimental long-range prediction for Europe;

  • working with Climate Centres in Africa to better understand and predict African rainy seasons and near-term (next 10 years) climate change;

  • working with the WMO to strengthen international collaboration in long-range forecasting. This includes combining forecasts from different international centres (multi-model forecasting).

Career background

Richard began his career in meteorology in 1980, working as an aviation forecaster in the Middle East. He later obtained his PhD in Meteorology from Edinburgh University (in 1991). Richard joined the Met Office in 1989, working first on studying the importance of different observing systems to the accuracy of numerical weather prediction forecasts, and later moving to long-range prediction. Richard has been manager of Monthly to Decadal Applications since 1999.

Richard has participated in several international projects focusing on the development and use of dynamical long-range prediction. Since 2005 Richard has regularly participated in the  Regional Climate Outlook Forums of Africa - contributing Met Office predictions to the development of a consensus forecast for upcoming rainy seasons. Also since 2005 Richard has been active in research and development of long-range predictions for Europe.

External recognition

  • Richard is currently chair of the World Meteorological Organisation's Expert Team on Extended and Long-range Forecasting.

  • Richard shared in the World Meteorological Organization's Norbert Gerbier-Mumm award in 2006, for work on a multi-model seasonal prediction system.

  • Richard was awarded an OBE in 2012.