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Stuart Bell

Stuart leads the Weather Science IT team.

Stuart leads the Weather Science IT team.

Current activities

  • Planning and resourcing of the Software Infrastructure theme within the Weather Science R&D Programme.
  • Responsibility for delivery of an efficient IT infrastructure to support NWP in both R&D and Operation
  • Developing the next generation HPC solution.

Career Background

Aside from one year as a forecaster, Stuart's focus for much of his Met Office career has been in the development of successively more sophisticated Data Assimilation and Ensembles systems (Optimum Interpolation, Analysis Correction, 3D and 4D variational analysis); the assimilation of satellite and conventional observing systems to improve NWP model initial conditions; and the operational implementation of those data assimilation systems on High Performance Computing Platforms.

Stuart took up the post of Head of Numerical Modelling in 2001 and shifted focus towards operational NWP modelling systems, the downstream post-processing of model output, the computational infrastructure supporting the modelling systems and the verification and validation of models.

In 2013 Stuart took on the role of Head of Weather Science IT, focusing solely on the computational science aspects of the modelling systems. Having led the technical team responsible for procuring the current Met Office High Performance Computing (HPC) system, he is now reprising that work for a 2015 HPC refresh.

External Recognition

  • Stuart received the L G Groves prize for Meteorological Observations in 1998 for work to improve the use of observations in NWP data assimilation systems.

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