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Dr Stuart Whitehouse

Stuart works on maintaining and improving the Unified Model code.

Areas of expertise

  • Fortran programming
  • Parallel programming using OpenMP
  • Perl scripting

My Publications - Whitehouse, S

Current activities

Stuart is a member of the Unified Model Technical Infrastructure whose work includes improving and maintaining the Unified Model code. An important part of this work is reviewing additions to the Unified Model by other scientists to ensure they meet the required technical standards.

Stuart assists in the support of the Forecast model development and diagnostics, which tests new models for use by forecasters before they go ``live''. He is also involved in improving and expanding the testing infrastructure of the Unified Model, and assists users in developing scientific content by advising on technical issues.

Career background

Stuart has been a member of the Unified Model Technical Infrastructure since starting at the Met Office in 2009. Prior to joining the Met Office he did a PhD in Physics at the University of Exeter and then worked as a postdoctoral researcher in computational astrophysics at the University of Basel in Switzerland.

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