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Dr Susanna Hagelin

Susanna works on the development of the UK ensemble forecasting model, MOGREPS-UK.

Current Activities

Susanna joined the ensemble forecasting group at the Met Office in November 2013. Her main task is to develop the MOGREPS-UK  model, the convective-scale Met Office ensemble prediction system for the UK, and to verify its performance as a part of the parallel suite process to prepare MOGREPS-UK for operational upgrades. Her work has invovlved investigating the impact of the new dynamic core, (ENDGame), on MOGREPS-UK. She investigates future model upgrades for the MOGREPS-UK system, such as increasing the resolution of the ensemble and increasing the ensemble size. A paper on this topic is currently under review. Since 2016, she also works on the SINGV ensemble.

Career Background

Susanna joined the Met Office in November 2013. Before joining the Met Office Susanna has had a somewhat complicated career background, with a focus on high-resolution numerical weather prediction.

Susanna earned her MSc in physics, with a specialization in meteorology, in 2006 from Uppsala University in Sweden. She then started as a PhD Student at the INAF-Arcetri in Florence, Italy, working on the high-resolution modelling of the optical turbulence. After three and a half years in Florence she returned to Uppsala University and the Department of Meteorology to finalise her thesis, which was accepted in December 2010.

She then joined GMAP/Météo-France in Toulouse as a Post Doc to work on a high-resolution version of the AROME model for Paris - Charles de Gaulle airport to help predict wake vortices and thus more efficiently manage the air traffic. She also briefly worked on the AROME nowcasting system, assessing the skill of a time-lagged ensemble of the AROME nowcasting system for forecasting precipitation. 

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