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Dr Thomas Riddick

Tom works on the Global Atmospheric Model.

Tom works on the Global Atmospheric Model, focusing on developing the portability of the model across different computer systems.

Current Activities 

Tom works on development of the Unified Model's Global Atmosphere configuration. His work concentrates on increasing the portability of the model to allow easier and more effective collaboration between the Met Office and the wider research community. His main topic is the growth of errors in the model due to tiny changes in the initial conditions, linked to the finite accuracy of floating point calculations made by computers. This work will aid the process of porting the Unified Model's computer code to other computing platforms. It will also be a useful tool to aid in internal development of the model.

Tom also works on improving the process by which files containing fixed input information to the Unified Model (such as the paths of rivers) are generated during model development.

Career Background

Tom has worked in Global Forecast model development and diagnostics since joining the Met Office in 2012. Prior to joining the Met Office he completed a PhD in particle physics at UCL. His PhD focused on energy loss modelling for a precision measurement of the W boson mass using particle collider data. Tom completed a MPhys in Physics at University of Oxford in 2006 and a Masters in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge in 2007.

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