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Aberystwyth, UK

The NERC Mesosphere-Stratosphere-Troposphere MST radar at Aberystwyth is operated by the Department of Physics University of Wales, Aberystwyth in conjunction with the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory; it is funded by the UK Natural Environment Research Council. The Observation Division of the Met Office contributes to the operating cost of the radar and in return receives wind observations (sampled for 12 minutes) in real time. These measurements are input into the Modelling systems used in the Met Office at the Met Office and ECMWF, Reading and also forwarded to Météo France, Toulouse.

Wind measurements have been forwarded to the Met Office using PILOT code messages since mid-1992, but BUFR coded messages were also introduced in late 1996 for CWINDE-97. Since 25 June 2001 the PILOT messages have been discontinued as BUFR code is now the preferred message format for sending these data.

This site also hosts a variety of other instrumentation.

  • Campbell Scientific 107 thermistor temperature probe mounted inside a URS1 unaspirated radiation shield
  • Vaisala HMP45C temperature and relative humidity probe (only humidity measurements from this probe are used) mounted inside a URS1 unaspirated radiation shield
  • Kipp and Zonen CM3 thermopile pyranometer (WMO second class)
  • Environmental Measurements ARG100 tipping bucket rain gauge
  • Vaisala PTB101B barometric pressure sensor

The surface wind measurements are made at Fron Goch, a few kilometres from Capel Dewi using an Vector Instruments A100R anemometer and W200P wind vane mounted on a UT930 10 m tower.

The University of Wales Aberystwyth have an aerosol/ozone lidar at the site which is used on a campaign basis only.

There is a GPS water vapour antenna and receiver (Ashtech) used for calculating Total Zenith Delays and Integrated Water Vapour as part of a network solution.

Frequency: 46.50 MHz
WMO No.: 03501   Latitude: 52.40° N Longitude: 4.00° W
Height: 50 m
Hgt res.: 300 m sampled at 150 m intervals
Range: 1.7 km to 20.0 km
Beam angle: 6°
Averaging period: 12 minutes

aberystwyth wind profiler 46

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