Public Weather Digital Service

To meet the demands of the increasing number of users accessing weather content via digital devices (smartphones, tablets, apps), on the 1st April the Met Office is planning to launch the Public Weather Digital Service (PWDS).

The service will be the first of its kind in the UK and will seek to provide public task data1 to the maximum number of individuals in the most cost-effective way. To do this, the Met Office will work with qualifying digital channel owners, providing them with access to site-specific forecast data (spot data) for example, temperature, wind speed and forecast weather, for use on their website or app. Over time, more data, information and images will be added.

The PWDS is free at point of use, fully operationally supported and is available to organisations in the digital marketplace (websites and apps) targeting a UK audience.

The PWDS will provide a cost efficient way to help the Met Office to meet the requirements of the Public Weather Service purpose.


  • For digital channels
  • Free at point of use (under licence)2
  • Greater volume of data than is available through open data channels
  • Global spot data
  • 7-day forecasts
  • Map-based data and imagery to be added later in the year
  • Fully operationally supported 24/7, 365 days a year

If you have any questions about the PWDS, or would be interested in trialling or being part of the service, please contact us: or send us your details via our enquiry form

  1. Public task data is public sector information, available and produced as part of the Met Office’s core role and function.
  2. Usage limits will apply