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Retailers and suppliers - weather solutions

Understanding weather impacts on Retail

If unprepared for these changes, retailers can lose millions of pounds through low stock levels, empty shelves and disappointed customers. Our solutions can help: 

  • Supply chain managers improve sales forecast accuracy; ensure stock availability and accurate resource deployment; and reduce inventory and waste
  • Logistics and Health and Safety Managers ensure the safe, efficient and timely transport of goods from depot to store
  • Marketing, innovation and financial managers anticipate consumer purchasing behaviour, improve planning of in-store campaigns, and gain insight into weather impacts on business

Why choose the Met Office

  • Weather and climate science expertise

We have in-depth understanding of weather and climate impacts across all timescales. By combining that with your industry knowledge, we develop industry-specific solutions

  • Key event comparison

We offer comparisons of the last week’s or last year’s weather, enabling you to look at the weather and sales results at that time, and use this information to inform short-term sales forecasts, anticipate store footfall and plan appropriate product volumes.

  • Forecasts based on multiple weather observations

Unlike other weather providers, our 14-day regional weather forecasts are based on an average of observations taken from multiple locations within the region, rather than one observation location, giving you increased confidence when making decisions.

Did you know?

A 2-degree drop in minimum temperature can see sales increase by over 6%.

Speak to us on 0370 900 0100 or email us at retail@metoffice.gov.uk.

Our solutions for Retail at a glance

Understanding consumer insights

Our weather analytics service enables you to analyse how and when the weather affects consumer behaviour and product/service demand. This can help inform marketing campaigns and merchandising promotions, as well as providing insights for sales and financial reporting.

High granularity data

We can provide highly granular historic and forecast weather data for a specific store, location or region, enabling you to make informed decisions about in-store merchandising and product promotions, as well as national marketing campaigns. 

Industry specific

We provide industry specific features such as: daily breakdowns, model day, new sunshine hours and temperature confidence level. We also offer comparisons of last week’s or last year’s weather, enabling you to compare previous sales results with the weather at that time.

Our DemandMet™ portfolio tailored for industry

Accurate and reliable forecasts

Our 14-day regional weather forecasts are based on an average of observations taken from multiple locations. We can provide highly granular forecasts for specific stores, depots or key suppliers. Our hourly forecasts enable you to respond to the changing weather and impacts on shopper behaviour.

Unrivalled archive of historic weather data

We offer a wide range of historic data with a high level of granularity. We can provide 'model days' to identify relevant days in the past with similar weather conditions to support current sales forecasts and analyse the impacts of weather on sales.

Relevant and timely weather warnings and alerts

Our alerts inform you about potential weather impacts on your business so you can take informed operational decisions. We provide these ahead of key trading events, hot weekends and when there is a significant change in weather conditions.

Hazard forecasts

We provide forecasts up to five days ahead, at highly granular level for your depots, bridges and critical junctions at motorways. We also incorporate hazardous parameters including road state, visibility and wind which are flexible depending on the season and type of business.

Speak to us on 0370 900 0100 or email us at retail@metoffice.gov.uk.

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