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CBI Task Force

The CBI Task Force on Climate Change unites the UK's top companies

In 2007 the Met Office worked with the CBI Task Force — a group of leading UK companies involved in taking action of climate change — to produce a report identifying how businesses will need to adapt to our changing climate.

CBI Task Force background

The CBI Task Force on Climate Change is uniting the bosses from the UK's top companies to define what action businesses need to take to reduce their impact on our climate and thrive under a changing climate. The companies involved include Tesco, BP, Barclays and British Airways.

The CBI Task Force used the Stern Review as its starting point and as the Met Office Hadley Centre supplied the underlying science to the Stern Review the task force approached us to work with them.

CBI Task Force website

CBI Task Force project

The report looked in detail at the changes already taking place in the UK climate, including climate extremes, such as the current hottest, wettest and windiest days of the year, and what they may be in future.

Data on weather, climate extremes and changes in climate are routinely collected by the Met Office and used by our climate change scientists to help produce projections of future implications.

These projections were then used to help inform the businesses on the possible adaptations needed to cope with climate change now and in the future.

CBI Task Force project findings

Among the findings from the project were:

  • The nature of climate change dictates that all businesses take ownership of climate risks.

  • The increasing impact the environment will have on businesses, both in the UK and internationally, needs to be recognised if UK businesses are to thrive in the changing climate.

  • Education is needed to enable all businesses, from small to global blue-chip companies, to understand their exposure to climate and how to mitigate and take advantage of those risks.

  • Industry bodies have a significant role to play in enabling their markets to adapt.

  • Those that are the most resilient to climate impacts will thrive.

  • There will be opportunities as well as risk.

CBI Task Force project next steps

Our links with the CBI Task Force continue, they include sponsoring and attending climate change events such as the CBI Climate Change Summit in December 2008.

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