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Met Office Consulting

We can work with businesses to help with planning

As a global leader in probabilistic interpretation of data we have the knowledge to help you minimise the economic impact of climate change to your business.

We offer world-leading expertise to help companies make better informed strategic decisions about the impacts that weather and climate change will have on their business.

Our Met Office Consulting team creates strong and lasting partnerships with our clients, building on a reputation of trust, respect and a shared passion to deliver consistently high results in a changing world.

Our research capability includes:

  • Global and regional dynamical climate modelling of the full earth system, including the impacts on cities, rivers, crops and forests.

  • Robust analysis of the historical climate, enabling detection and attribution of climate events.

  • Current research themes include hurricanes, quantifying certainty of changes in extreme events and rapid climate change.

Working with you we can:

  • Determine the impacts climate change will have on your business and highlight where they will impact safety, or on the bottom line, with a climate change audit.

  • Tailor our data and models to enable you to best inform your business-critical strategic and operational decisions.

  • Offer an understanding of the future through risk analysis and long range forecasting, enabling you to make the best choices for your business - maximising safety and minimising losses.

  • Keep you at the 'cutting edge' of climate science and weather advice - keeping you up-to-date and showing the relevance of new discoveries and reports for your business.

  • Attract and retain world class expertise and work with the most advanced technology to deliver the best weather and climate science to the marketplace.

Our Met Office consultants inform a wide range of customers about the likely risks and opportunities that climate change will bring so they can act now to mitigate, adapt to or exploit them. For example, our consultants are currently working with the UK's leading energy companies to identify the impacts of climate change on their industry and to develop plans to ensure the future of energy provision in the UK.

For more information about our consulting service, please contact our 24-hour Customer Centre on 0370 900 0100

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