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Climate change seminars

Global temperatures are rising

Climate change seminars and tailored workshops

Met Office climate change seminars will equip you and your organisation with the knowledge of climate change you need to make the best decisions, so that the plans you make today safeguard your future success in a changing climate.

Together we can judge how and when our scientists and trainers should work with you on the opportunities and challenges that a changing climate may bring.

Using the latest research from the Met Office Hadley Centre our seminars will build your understanding of why and how our climate is changing and the likely impacts.

We can work with you at every stage with our range of courses:

Climate Change Seminar training brochure

Who should attend?

No prior scientific training is required.

  • Professionals in government and the public sector.
  • Those responsible, or with an interest in, planning, projects and policies.

Who runs the seminars?

Our scientists from the Met Office Hadley Centre  run the seminars.

Discuss your requirements with us

Our bespoke in-house seminars can be tailored to address your specific concerns. Please Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Introductory seminars

Be in the know

Understand why and how our climate is changing, the science behind it and the likely impacts that it could have on your organisation.

Be confident

Know how to factor climate change into the decisions you make today and tomorrow.

Be a spokesperson

Engage with your colleagues and talk about what climate change really means for your organisation.

Sources of help

Know where to go for more information and support.

Specialised seminars

Build on basic knowledge to further develop your understanding of climate change and the potential impacts if will have on your area of interest.


Have seminars focused on an aspect of science or a region of the globe that is relevant to you.

Drill down

Look at weather parameters and timescales that are relevant to your business and planning.

Look in-depth

Develop a detailed understanding of what climate change means for your organisation.

"The increased clarity of getting science and data straight from the source rather than intermediary bodies was extremely useful."

Christine Derbyshire, Policy Team Leader, Liverpool City Council, September 2008

Tailored seminars

Combine your insight with our expertise to uncover climate change opportunities and threats.

Solve problems

Explore and resolve specific issues relevant to your business such as risk management, impact assessments and support business critical decisions.

Safeguard your organisation

Identify the steps needed to safeguard your organisation's success in a warming climate.

Create strong foundations

Make better, more informed decisions with an established and strong foundation for future research.

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