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Impacts on the water industry

There may be significant changes in rainfall patterns under climate change

What is the risk?

Information from UKCIP02 showed there may be significant changes in rainfall patterns under climate change. Anglian Water wanted to know how this could affect their systems, including their sewage and storm drain networks.

What have we done?

We analysed a range of forecasts to see how precipitation could be affected. We looked at best and worst case scenarios to see what the risks were in key areas for Anglian Water.

What's the conclusion?

Our research showed the Anglian region will be subject to more extreme levels of rainfall under climate change. The company is now using this data to adapt their sewerage network towards new design standards, increasing the capacity for dealing with heavy rainfall.

Similar changes in rainfall can be expected across many other parts of the UK as our climate changes, and the latest data from UKCP09 will provide even greater advice across the whole utilities sector.

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