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Met Office data provision

Collaborating with third parties to enable the reuse of data in commercial applications, broadcast media and academia.

The account management team works globally with a wide variety of clients, across numerous industries to deliver expertise and advice to all our customers across a portfolio of data sets.

UK Met Office Public Sector Information (PSI) re-use data catalogue

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Catalogue of all data sets and information the UK Met Office makes available for re-use under license.

ECOMET UK licensing agent:


The UK Met Office is a member of ECOMET, the meteorological data catalogue for the European National Met Services (NMSs). As part of ECOMET's one stop shop policy, the Met Office can fascilitate the licensing of any of the other members data and products.

ECMWF UK licensing agent:


The UK Met Office is a member of ECMWF and a leading licensing agent of ECMWF products. and services. Commercial users can license data from the ECMWF catalogue via any of the nominated member state licensing agents.

EUMETSAT UK licensing agent:


The UK Met Office is a member of EUMETSAT and a leading licensing agent of EUMETSAT products and services. Users may require a license to use certain products and this can be fascilitated by the member states licensing agents. Each agent can only license users within their own national territory.

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