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Project planning

We provide project and construction managers with trusted information to inform project resource management, design refinements and budgets.

Our range of reports will advise of project downtime, helping you plan with confidence  informed by world leading science.  Specifically designed for the construction industry, our reports provide weather information to help you plan with confidence,  informed by world leading science, and obsevations over 3,600 locations, that accurately reflects onsite conditions.

Download our Project Planning Catalogue

A practical catalogue to inform project resource management, design refinements and budget.  Use accurate, trusted data to help mitigate the risk of rainfall, windspeed, snowfall and temperature. 

For more information about our range of products for the construction industry call our 24-hour customer centre 0370 900 0100 or email

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Monthly Planning Average reports

Planning average reports provide you with the average expected weather conditions for a given month. Looking over a 30 year period we can provide a clear picture of what seasonal norms you can expect at your site during your project.

The 1-in-10 year values and Long Term Averages provide a tool to help you identify potential downtime during a contract period enabling you to develop contingency plans and negotiate realistic contracts.

Our planning average reports are suitable for guiding NEC and JCT contracts.
When you are negotiating realistic contracts we produce analysis suitable for NEC and JCT contracts, including NEC clause 60.1 (13).  'With solid statistical evidence derived from Met Office observations both parties can agree on whether a particular month contains a compensation event' (NEC). Learn more about NEC3 & NEC4.

Location based planning average reports

  • Now uses weather data from more than 3,600 locations across the UK
  • Accurately reflects onsite conditions
  • Up to 11 weather parameters with wind as standard
  • Suitable for a variety of building contracts including NEC 60.1 (13) and JCT
  • Clear, easy to use format

Station based planning average reports

  • Uses weather data from 100 weather stations across the UK
  • 3 different reports available:
  1. Monthly planning averages
  2. Monthly planning averages (including wind data)
  3. Monthly planning averages (daytime hours)

Mean Annual Frost Index

We can provide a measure of the severity of a period of cold weather and provides a means of assessing likely penetration of frost into a road. Frost index is measured in 'degree days celsius below zero'. We can provide this index for a site of your choice.

Bespoke climate solutions

We can help you understand the potential impacts of weather and climate change on your planning, resources and assets. Meaning you can prepare and adapt to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Here are just a few of the bespoke climate solutions we offer:

  • Climate change mitigation & adaptation assessment
  • Climate analysis
  • Weather sensitivity analysis

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