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Project delivery

We understand the pressure to ensure projects are delivered on time and the need to efficiently plan on-site resourcing.

Our range of forecast services and intelligent planning tools will help take the pressure off.

For more information about our range of products for the construction industry call our 24-hour customer centre 0370 900 0100 or email

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Download our Project Delivery Catalogue

A practical catalogue to inform project delivery, construction and operational management.  Use accurate, trusted data to help mitigate the risk of rainfall, windspeed, snowfall and temperature.

Intelligent operational decision-making with VisualEyes™

Choose VisualEyes™ to manage your projects health and safety risks and minimise downtime keeping your project on track.

VisualEyesTM is an easy to use, web-based weather alert system for construction managers and contractors. With a broad range of animated weather layers combined with site-specific weather data, a long range view out to 14 days in the probabilistic weather charts and bespoke alerting, for the weather that affects you the most. 

Key benefits
Manage health and safety risks

  • Protect site personnel during construction, operations and maintenance to avoid litigation and other risks.

Reduce maintenance costs

  • Minimise project downtime through effective planning of workforce, materials and equipment hire.

Stay fully informed - wherever you are, with device responsive mobile access

  • Access critical site-specific weather conditions wherever you are with email and SMS alerts.
  • Compatible with desktops, smartphones and tablets, so it is perfect to use while in a control room environment or on site.

Key features
VisualEyesTM enable you to choose from two distinct views to suit your needs. Control Room view, or Weather Chart view:

Use Control Room view to monitor weather conditions across multiple sites.

Use Weather Chart view for forward planning of specific tasks alongside bespoke alert thresholds.

Watch our product video for more details.

VisualEyes™ Visual Weather Layers

Rain & Snow Monitoring Lightning Tracking
Temperature Wind and Direction
Solar Radiation Low Cloud

VisualEyes features Smart Windows for operational decision making
Smart Windows provide guidance in identifying safe and unsafe operational windows. They consider multiple weather risks turning a forecast into a useful decision-making tool

1. Up to 10 different weather types can be combined.
2. Create many different Smart Windows and share with colleagues.
3. Identify operational windows for specific weather sensitive tasks.


Other forecast services

Working at height weather forecast: Identify the optimum time for crane operations avoiding unnesessary costs or damage from winds, with our site specific, threshold based forecast service.  Providing you with mean and gust wind speeds as well as direction, at specific heights for up to five days.

Working at height weather forecast sample

Warning services: Designed to alert you when site conditions are set to breach thresholds and ensure onsite teams are safe.

Warning services can be set up according to your requirements, making this a flexible and valuable on-site service.

Monthly Outlook: This forecast service provides you with weather advice out to 30 days ahead across the UK.  Presenting a range of weather parameters in text format, visual maps and tables.

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