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Whatever your role in decommissioning, we have weather information products and services to help you through the process.

The marine environment can be volatile, with the weather having a huge impact on operations. Safety of personnel and operational activity is vital, while informed planning helps ensure that costs are controlled.

Planning your project

Right from the outset, ahead of your initial discussion with the Department of Energy and Climate Change we can provide you with weather information to help you in the planning process and eventual submission of your decommissioning programme. Our large and unrivalled archive of weather data and more specific science consultancy services can be used for:

planning of likely downtime to include in cost analysis; and
forecasting operational weather window opportunities for specific tasks, helping you with project and contingency planning.

Decommissioning operations

During dismantling operations, our products and consultancy services can provide you with:

  • detailed wind, wave and sea condition forecasts for offshore and subsea tasks;
    site-specific tow and route forecasts for moving equipment and materials;
    extreme weather alerts and support;
    access to forecasters on the phone; and
    deployed forecasters on-site to assist with decision-making for precise and weather-dependent tasks.

Your trusted partner

Our unrivalled science and weather forecasting expertise means we can add valuable insight. Working with you we can determine the best practical options for decommissioning activities and help build bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs.

For more information on how our marine forecasts can help your operations, call +44 1224 629805. You can also email us on

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