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Weather data services

Our retail weather data helps you understand the correlation between weather and sales, providing invaluable insight into consumer behaviour.

Historic and forecast data services

Our data set uses all available weather information including land based observation sites, satellites, radar and weather forecast models among others. The data is then used to provide forecast and historic data for over 3,000 UK postcodes down to EX1 3.

Data set specifically designed for retail:

  • Focuses on daytime weather so low minimum night-time temperatures don't impact your analysis
  • High number of data points ensures local conditions are better represented
  • Population weighted datasets ensure that the national/regional forecasts represent the weather experienced by the main population hubs rather than rural areas

What can we provide:

  • UK, regional and postcode level data
  • Historic data back to March 2011 and forecast data out for 14 days
  • Data available for a range of timescales
  • Wide selection of parameters tailored for the retail industry including temperature, rainfall and sunshine hours

For further information, and for the chance to win a free trial of our 14 day regional forecast, please contact the Retail team directly on 0370 900 0100.

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