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Weather analytics and consultancy

Understanding the impact of weather and climate on your business.

We offer a tailored analytics and consultancy service for the retail industry to help you understand the impact of weather and climate on your business. World-leading weather data is put into the context of the industry so that you can prepare and adapt your business to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Benefits for the retail industry:

  • manage long term planning of your supply chain operations and assets;
  • understand the impacts of day-to-day and extreme weather events on your business;
  • respond quickly and efficiently to changing weather with integrated data to support decision making;
  • analyse historic trends and their impact on sales to enable better planning for weather conditions in the future.

Weather analytics

This service is designed to help retailers and suppliers analyse the relationship between the weather and business performance. This comprehensive resource offers a valuable insight into how weather affects consumer behaviour and product/service demand.

Our Weather analytics service:

  • combines weather data with retail data, analytics and technology to understand weather sensitivities and thresholds;
  • develops impact models to provide tailored forecasts for the retail industry;
  • helps retailers and suppliers understand how fluctuations in day-to-day weather and extremes impact their business;
  • supports companies to quantify the impact of weather events, and assess the likelihood of their frequency and future potential impact on operations;
  • helps to put plans in place to minimise the impact or maximise the benefit from weather events.

Climate consultancy

Our Climate consultancy uses world-leading scientific research developed at the Met Office Hadley Centre for Climate Science and Services to help you understand the potential impact of climate change on your supply chain, operations or assets.

We can produce climate reports for a location, region or country using the insight of experienced climate scientists to help the retail industry make longer term strategic decisions. We work with you to understand how sensitive your business is to the weather and climate now and how that sensitivity may change in the future.

Our Climate consultancy service:

  • supports retailers and suppliers to understand the risk associated with climate change on the supply chain;
  • helps assess how climate change will impact directly on supply and demand so that mitigation and adaptation plans can be put in place;
  • helps support long term demand planning by assessing how climate change will influence consumer behaviour;
  • helps to understand the vulnerability of key growing regions to our changing climate.

For further information, and for the chance to win a free trial of our 14 day regional forecast, please contact the Retail team on 0370 900 0100.

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