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DemandMet™ forecasting service


Why choose DemandMet?

Through consultation with leading retailers we have developed DemandMet - a tailored weather forecasting service that can help improve demand forecasting and, as a result, product availability.

Our service, based on world-leading weather forecasting capabilities, puts weather into the context of the industry and focuses on interpreting how it feels and evolves over time.

We offer a range of tailored weather forecast services to help retailers and suppliers to: 

  • Manage the impact of weather on their supply chain
  • Ensure stock availability at a national, regional and store level
  • Reduce inventory and waste of perishable goods
  • Ensure safe and timely delivery of goods

This will help you be prepared for the impact of weather on your business.

Graphic of weather data benefits

We use a combination of our world-leading science and knowledge of the retail market to do the interpretation for our customers and we also give you access to forecasters and consultants for further advice.

Hazard Forecast

Designed for logistics and health & safety departments in retailers and suppliers, Hazard Forecast supports logistics operations and helps ensure the safe and timely delivery of goods.

National forecast

Designed to enable retailers to easily and quickly digest the feel of the weather for the UK, and how it evolves throughout the days and weeks.

14 day regional forecast

Focuses on describing the feel of the weather for regions of the UK, putting the forecast information into context of previous weather conditions. Forecasts for specific stores, depots or key suppliers can also be provided.

Executive summary

The Executive summary is a one page document that provides a review of last week's weather and an overview for the coming week. 

Forecaster advice

Customers can call and speak to a forecaster to receive full advice and support in forecast interpretation. Forecasters can support you in making decisions during severe weather, leading up to key trading periods, or when there is low confidence in forecast conditions.

Weather warnings and alerts 

We provide relevant and timely warnings of severe weather, described succinctly and focusing on impacts to your business. In addition, we provide alerts to changes in weather types that are likely to trigger an alteration in consumer behaviour.

For further information, and for the chance to win a free trial of our 14 day regional forecast, please contact the Retail team on 0370 900 0100.

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