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Euro Windstorm Event Response

European Windstorm Analysis

In the event of an incoming windstorm, understanding the most probable storm intensity and track is critical for catastrophe response and loss forecasting.

Getting the response level right is critical for customer satisfaction and financial performance.

Met Office Euro Windstorm Event Response services for the insurance industry and other affected sectors such as electricity generators include:

  • Free early alert for region of interest showing likely gust severity
  • On order, daily 'Early Warning' forecast footprints, at 4km resolution
  • A detailed 'best fit' footprint 24-48 hours after the event for loss forecasting
  • Operational meteorologist guidance throughout
  • Pattern matching to find the closest 'looks like' storm from the historical catalogue

A studied assessment of a major event and its impact is available on a consultancy basis, usually one month after the event.

For more information on our commercial services, please contact the team on 01392 885680 or

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