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International consultancy

Advising mining companies through better scientific understanding of weather and climate

World leading weather and climate science can help you source responsibly.

Exploration services

Make confident decisions about the impact of weather on the feasibility of any site and its potential design. Our detailed site specific climatology analysis can help:

  • Enable feasibility surveys and design of your mining site
  • Satisfy international regulators and demonstrate corporate and social responsibility
  • To understand mine-induced topographical variances which can cause changes in weather

Strategic planning services

Advancing science capability at the Met Office has the potential to inform you on how climate change may impact future mining operations. Our capabilities include:

  • Future Climate Extremes
  • Regional Climate Modelling
  • Climate Impacts Modelling

Post-mining and restoration services

Following mine closure, we can apply our expert knowledge of climate change and its impacts to advise on how the frequency and severity of weather events could influence development of your environmental restoration programmes.

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Business benefits

  • Better site selection and infrastructure design based on more detailed, site specific weather information.
  • Development of more accurate business plans, based on site-specific models.
  • Appropriate site design resulting in better health and safety.
  • Lower costs of production due to improved efficiencies of site operations, including ability to perform planned maintenance.
  • Better information on business risks, based on assessments of future impacts of climate change.
  • Greater return on investment over the life cycle of the mine.

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