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Logistics and health and safety managers

Ensure safe, efficient and timely transportation of goods

From depot to store, weather information should play a pivotal role in your logistical planning and operational decisions.

Our services enable you to:

  • Ensure safe transportation
  • Choose the right vehicle to transport goods efficiently
  • Ensure that depots remain safe and operational in cold weather

Our DemandMet™ Hazard forecast is designed specifically for logistics and health & safety departments in retailers and suppliers. It ensures that you understand how the incoming weather will impact your logistics and helps improve transportation planning across the whole supply chain.

Key features and benefits

Accurate and timely - we provide forecasts up to five days ahead, at highly granular level for your depots, bridges and critical junctions at motorways. This provides you with reliable information on which to base critical decisions that could impact safety, efficiencies and delivery times.

Information on hazardous parameters - we include specific parameters in our forecasts such as road state, visibility and wind. These are flexible depending on the season and type of business. This information informs decisions around whether conditions are safe to drive in and the type of vehicle needed.

Thresholds for selected parameters - specific thresholds can be checked easily and enable quick identification of conditions that may impact safe and timely transportation.

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