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Anticipate consumer purchasing behaviour and gain insight into weather impacts on your business

The weather has a big impact on consumer purchasing behaviour, it influences decisions about where and when to shop, what product to shop for and the quantities to purchase. Did you know that a 10°C increase in temperatures on a summer weekend can result in as much as a 300% increase in sales of BBQ meat?

Our services help you anticipate and analyse consumer purchasing behaviour enabling you to:

  • Plan high-impact and timely national and online marketing campaigns
  • Plan targeted in store merchandising promotions that meet customers' needs
  • Gain insight into the correlation between weather and sales to inform sales and financial reporting

Key features and benefits

We offer a range of services including 14 day forecasts and historic weather data, and tailor them to meet your exact specifications. Key features and benefits of our services include:

High granularity data - We can provide highly granular historic and forecast weather data for a specific store, location or region, enabling you to make informed decisions about in-store merchandising and product promotions, as well as national marketing campaigns. Our hourly forecasts enable you to respond to the changing weather and impacts on shopper behaviour.

Industry specific - We provide industry specific features such as: model day, new sunshine hours and temperature confidence level.

Driving consumer insights - Our weather analytics service enables you to analyse how and when the weather affects consumer behaviour and product/service demand. This information can be used to inform marketing campaigns and merchandising promotions, as well as providing insights for sales and financial reporting.

You can find further information about our services and how to get in touch on the pages below.

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