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The role of weather in the supply chain

We work closely with retailers and suppliers to help them manage the impact of weather on their supply chain

In order to get an in-depth understanding of how retailers and suppliers are using weather products and data and the impact of weather on their business, we undertook some industry research. The research produced some fascinating results summarised in our 'Understanding the role of weather in the supply chain' report.

Some highlights from the research findings:

The increasing complexity of supply chains means forecasting demand is getting much harder.

Forecasting is getting harder

62% of retailers and 58% of suppliers are using weather forecasts for short term sales forecasts. Planning stock availability or promotions as well as longer term sales forecasts are areas they would like to use weather forecasts for.

Better customer service, better sales forecast accuracy and better on shelf availability are all highlighted as areas where using weather data has provided benefits.

Download the full report here.

View our slideshare that summarises the report findings.


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