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Other Sports

Weather elements can bring negative outcomes for an outdoor sport event, if they are not planned for. Sport event organisers and health and safety teams can utilise weather data to ensure that supporters and participants are safe and operations run smoothly.

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Weather challenges for Other Sports:

  • Rainfall either extreme or prolonged can cause ground saturation and dangerous conditions, especially for events that take place on grass turf.
  • Lightning & snow can cause health and safety issues for players and supporters which may cause match postponement if deemed severe.
  • Wind can affect events, such as rowing, negatively due to cross winds.
  • Fog can affect visibility for competitors, causing  match delays or cancellations.
  • Temperature can affect equipment selection and competition strategy.
  • Sunshine levels can affect sport event attendance and demand.

The Met Office offers a range of services for sports events that mitigate the above weather risks to keep costs down, ensure the safety of all parties and improve the likelihood that sporting events actually go ahead:

VisualEyes™ for Sport Event Management

VisualEyes™ is our easy to use weather alert system for operations managers, grounds managers, and health and safety teams.

Please visit our VisualEyes for Sports Events webpage for more information

Forecast Services

Location-specific Threshold Forecasts

Threshold forecasts highlight when you should pay most attention to the weather. You select the parameters and the thresholds that affect you. These forecasts can go out many days ahead and guidance can also give you recommendations to what to do when the significant weather hits your location.

Examples of the variables available include:  temperatures, visibility and the probability of rain (amongst others).

Wind at Height Forecast

Wind at height forecasts are specifically produced for working at height and give a five day forecast of wind speed and direction at your specified operating height at your given location.

  • You set the wind height 
  • You set the wind warning threshold

In understanding the wind forecast you can plan work with confidence and ensure safe working conditions by identifying windows in the weather.

Worried about more than just wind? Wind at height forecasts are also inbuilt into VisualEyes™.

Weather Consultancy

Talk to a Forecaster Telephone Service

For when you need to speak to an expert immediately, our forecasters are on hand 24/7, to give you additional reassurance and guidance.

  • Ask for any weather information or forecast for any land area in the U.K (international locations also available).
  • Direct telephone access to a weather forecaster 24 hours a day
  • Perfect for critical decision making

Weather Sensitivity Analysis

Our Weather Analytics team can help you to turn anecdotal views on performance into quantifiable knowledge for competitive advantage. Marginal gains in sport are becoming more and more valuable- for sports affected by weather; it is a stone that should not remain unturned.

We can help you to answer important questions such as:

  • ‘How many people will attend the event in certain weather conditions?’
  • ‘What resources will be needed to serve the event audience?’
  • ‘What preparation, clothing, strategies work bet under which weather conditions?’
  • ‘When was weather not a contributing factor to previous poor results?’

This type of analysis can be produced in stages to test data before a deeper investigation- ultimately the level of granularity and investigation is tailored to your requirements.

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