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VisualEyes™ for Sport Event Management

VisualEyes™ is our easy to use weather alert system for stadium operations managers, grounds managers, and health and safety teams to manage health and safety risks and identify operational windows.

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What is VisualEyes™? 

VisualEyes™ provides location-specific forecasting with probabilistic charts and bespoke alerting for effective decision making in weather sensitive environments. It forecasts with indications of confidence and you can set your own bespoke alerts which warn you of operational threshold breaches, giving you suitable time to react to ensure the highest level of service delivery.

Key Benefits

Make practical decisions and control operations with your tailored weather platform:

Preparation and Cancellation

  • Gain weather insight leading up to and during your event in order to prepare and reduce the risk of event cancellations, avoiding financial and PR costs.

Ground Management

  • For grounds teams, rainfall, winds, temperature and sunshine levels can all affect turf management. Understanding watering, lighting, and fungicide spraying strategies can ensure turf quality remains at the highest standard.

Manage Health & Safety Risks

  • Protect site personnel from exposure to highs winds and lightning during working at height, operations and maintenance to avoid litigation and others risks.
  • During your event, ensure supporter safety by correctly planning for weather challenges such as ice and snow that can cause slip, trip and fall hazards.

Stay informed wherever you are

  • Compatible with desktops, smartphones, tablets, access critical site-specific weather conditions wherever you are with email and SMS alerts. This means you can access weather information wherever you are.

Key features

VisualEyes™ enables you to choose from two distinct views to suit your needs. Control Room view or Weather Chart view:

  • Use Control Room view to monitor weather conditions across multiple sites. It includes a map viewer and collapsible alert panel. This provides an overview of forecast alerts for each site.


  • Use Weather Chart view for forward planning of specific tasks and thresholds with confidence. This view includes ‘box and whisker’ graphs to show the spread of forecast possibilities, helping the user to understand forecast confidence for improved risk management.

VisualEyes™ Visual Weather Layers

Rain & Snow Monitoring Lightning Tracking
Temperature Wind and Direction
Solar Radiation Low Cloud

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