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Investigate the possible impacts of climate change and plan for the future with our bespoke consultancy services.

We can provide an understanding that helps you explore what to expect from weather conditions now and in the future, and how best to deal with them.

How we can help

We offer a customised consultancy services for the water industry and provide input and solutions to the weather related business problems. Rest assured in the knowledge that the world leading scientists will offer you guidance, whenever you need it.

We can help with a whole range of issues. For example, our research capabilities include:

  • global and dynamic climate modelling;
  • analysis of the historical climate, enabling detection and attribution of climate events;
  • current research themes including quantifying certainty of changes in extreme events and rapid climate change;
  • helping you understand and quantify the impact on demand and leakage of water, in particular during severe winter weather.


  • know how to respond when extreme weather is forecast;
  • increase safety of operations;
  • manage long term planning;
  • better manage potential risks, based on assessment of the future impact of climate change;
  • obtain supplementary information and specific weather updates, keeping you at the leading edge of climate science and weather advice;
  • develop more accurate business plan, based on site-specific forecast information.

Examples of our work

Read our case studies for examples of some of the work we do.

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