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Many activities around processing and managing waste water are influenced by or connected with the weather.

We offer services specifically tailored to address your requirements. 

Service benefits

  • Allowing you to better plan operations
  • More efficient deployment of resources
  • Quantified understanding of how weather impacts the business
  • Understand changing frequencies of extreme weather events that impact the business
  • Taking decisions that allow for the vagaries of the weather
  • More confident explanation of business metrics to the public and regulators.

Our services are categorised as follows:

Strategic resource management planning – the strategic longer term planning, includes; cases for a flood management initiative at a location including insight into frequency at particular locations.

Operational services – tactical short term, sewer overflow, severe weather flood risk, managing resources, imminent rainfall, hazards related to exceeding weather thresholds, or planning weather dependent activity several weeks ahead.

Reporting and assessment –  includes; explaining recent seasonal or annual characteristics in water use or quality including storm analysis and sewer flooding events.

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