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Mobile Weather FAQs

Got a question about our mobile website? Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Which type of phone is it designed for?

The Mobile Weather service is designed to be accessible on all web-enabled mobile phones - from basic phones to smartphones. The content is deliberately low in graphical content and uses a simplistic text style so that it is quick to download. If you have a smartphone, you can use our Smarter Weather service which provides a more graphics reach content designed specially for smartphones.

Your new mobile web site does not work on my mobile phone?

Our new mobile web site has been developed to work effectively across a wide range of devices. The variety of devices is considerable and changes rapidly. Modern smart phones which use JavaScript and more traditional devices which do not utilise JavaScript are well catered for by the new service. A range of other devices, including some older BlackBerry® smartphones, are not providing a good experience for users and the Met Office is investigating options for improvements.

How much does it cost to use Mobile Weather?

The Met Office does not charge you to access Mobile Weather, but you may be charged by your operator for the amount of data you use. You need to check the tariff with your mobile operator.

How do I access the three-hourly forecasts?

Access your local five day forecast as you would normally. You can then view the three-hourly information for that day by selecting the > symbol. To return to the five day view, use the breadcrumb trail.

Why aren't all the elements available?

The Mobile Weather service is designed to be 'what you need on the move', rather than the complete Met Office website. Some of the more graphics-heavy content of the main Met Office web site, such as maps and animation would not be suitable for downloading to a mobile phone, due to screen size and download times. If you have a smartphone, you can also use one of our Weather services.

How do I access the main Met Office site from my mobile?

If you access our website from a mobile phone, you may be automatically redirected to Mobile Weather (which is optimised for mobile phone use). If you are not then the site can be accessed from If you are redirected and still want to visit the main website, you can do this using the 'Go to main site' link in the bottom menu. You will then be able to view any content on the main Met Office web site, although you should recognise that not all content on our web site is compatible with mobile phones.

How are weather warnings provided on Mobile Weather?

Warnings can be issued up to five days ahead. During periods of severe weather numerous warnings can be issued. You will always be alerted to the fact that warnings bar on the homepage. This will be coloured to the most severe warning in force within the UK over the coming five days. Selecting the warnings bar will show you where in the UK warnings are in force. Select a region and sub region to view the detail of the warning including the validity time, type of warning and detailed text.

What new content available after the latest update?

We have recently updated the design of Mobile Weather and included the following additional content:

  • Marine forecasts, for example the shipping forecast and inshore waters forecast
  • Latest video forecast
  • News releases from the Met Office

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