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Weather services for Mountain areas and National Parks

West Highlands

Met Office forecasts are now available for hill and mountain summit locations across the UK, providing an accurate and extensive range of weather forecasts to walkers and climbers.

Met Office forecasts are available for Mountain areas and the 15 National Parks in the UK, providing an accurate and extensive range of weather information to tourists, hill walkers, cyclists and rock climbers, helping you to plan your day and stay safe whilst you are out and about..

Mountain forecasts are provided for the main mountain areas and those which have the highest visitor figures. From the mountain forecast pages you can access summit forecasts for over 500 hills and mountains in the UK.

These summit forecasts take into account the very different types of weather you are likely to experience at these location helping walkers, ramblers and climbers plan their trip walk or expedition.

The tailored mountain area pages provide forecast information on the following:

  • Weather hazard risk
  • Weather overview
  • 3-hourly weather summary
  • Probability of precipitation
  • Visibility
  • Hill fog
  • Maximum winds
  • Valley and summit level temperatures
  • Freezing level
  • General outlook for the next few days

Unique to the Met Office the mountain forecasts also provide easy access to the severe weather warnings that may be in force, helping you to prepare, plan and protect yourself from the impacts of potentially severe weather.

At the Met Office we forecast for all of the 15 National Parks in the UK which are made up of beautiful areas including wetlands, meadows, moorlands, woods and mountains which can experience extreme and changeable weather.

National Parks

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