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Natural Hazards Partnership (NHP)

A collaboration between 17 governmental organisations to be ‘The UK’s trusted voice for coordinated natural hazards advice’.

The Met Office is actively involved in the NHP providing expertise in multiple natural hazards feeding into a wide ranging array of products and scientifically developing hazard impact models including technology infrastructure to support these.

The NHP provides authoritative and consistent information, research and analysis on natural hazards for the development of more effective policies, communications and services for the UK’s civil contingencies, governments and responder community.

Through the consortium of public bodies that forms the NHP a more holistic and integrated approach to natural hazards risk management, encompassing more emphasis on risk reduction and prevention can be achieved.

The aims of the NHP are to:

  • Establish a forum for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, expertise, intelligence and best practice in relation to natural hazards.
  • Provide a timely, common and consistent source of advice to government and emergency responders for civil contingencies and disaster response.
  • Create an environment for the development of new services to assist in disaster response.

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