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Pricing information for public sector services

We are committed to providing real value for money in the services that we provide to UK Government and the public sector. To do this we price our contracts fairly and consistently and ensure that they comply with guidance from HM Treasury and legislation.

How do we price our services for the public sector?

The Met Office is a Trading Fund within the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). This means that we deliver services to commercial markets as well as government partners and are required to provide a return to UK Government on its investment.

As a public-sector body, we do not have shareholders so any return on capital not returned to our owning department (BIS) is reinvested to further develop our science and capabilities, ultimately improving services to our customers.

We follow guidance from HM Treasury on how to price government to government contracts. We price fairly and consistently and can demonstrate that we provide real value for money from our services. This consistent approach uses a cost-plus methodology, as recommended by HM Treasury. We continually strive to ensure value for money by focusing internally on efficiency and effectiveness to minimise our internal costs.

We comply with all legal and regulatory requirements on pricing our services, such as the International Financial Reporting Standards, Revenue Recognition rules, 1998 Competition Law and 2002 Enterprise Act.

The Met Office is subject to an annual financial audit by the National Audit Office to ensure that our finances are well managed. Our finances are signed off and approved each year. We publish our annual reports and accounts which can be viewed by anyone interested in our finances and performance.

Pricing of Met Office data services

A large amount of Met Office data is available to UK Government customers free of charge. In some cases there is a charge to cover extraction, handling, distribution and delivery costs and a charge is made for some bespoke datasets.

For further information on available data for Government please see Met Office DataPoint, Wholesale data or contact us.

For more information on our services for the UK public sector please contact us.

For more information on our services to industry please see Met Office Industry Services.

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