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Community Resilience

Information to help you, your business and your community plan for severe weather.

By receiving and understanding weather warnings from the Met Office you can help your community to stay one step ahead of possible impacts that may be caused by severe weather.

Keep up to date

Always check your latest local forecast to find out if there are any weather warnings in force for your local area. You can also sign up to our email alerts or download our Weather App to ensure you are always updated with the very latest forecast details, wherever you are.

Report severe weather

Here at the Met Office, we are interested to find out when and where the weather is having a significant impact on communities, transport or other activities. One of the ways to let us know is by providing reports of any weather-related impacts through our Weather Observations Website - WOW. You are also able to supply these impact reports via your smartphone using the 'Report severe weather' link on our mobile website.

Helping your community

There are a number of practical steps you can take to support your community to prepare for severe weather.


Your community might be in an area vulnerable to flooding so you might want to consider being involved to help prepare for and respond to flooding. It is not just your home that may be affected - but also community venues, schools and businesses.

Storms, strong winds

Taking a few simple precautions before stormy weather arrives can help make the clearing up afterwards easier and quicker. Even small jobs like clearing gutters or fixing broken tiles to moving garden furniture and pot plants to garden sheds or garages can help.

Snow and Ice

Snow and ice often affects us over the winter months. Not only can it severely impact on travel plans - but it can also affect travel to your home or getting around your community and local area.

For some people, cold damp winter weather can have a big impact on their health. We have some simple steps you can take to help keep you and members of your community warm and healthy throughout the winter months.

Elderly and less mobile members of your community can be particularly affected by snow and ice, so there are ways in which you can ensure they do not become isolated.

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