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Health professionals

Mitigating the impact of weather on peoples' health and healthcare services.

Our health forecasting services have been developed in order to mitigate the impact of weather on people's health and healthcare services

They have been developed by working with health professionals, academics, other experts and patients.

We are continually evaluating the effectiveness of our services in order to ensure they are benefiting both patients and healthcare professionals. We are also continuing to research the relationship between weather and health in order to develop new services in the future.

As a health care professional take a look at our Heat-Health Watch and Cold Weather Alert pages for information on the services we provide which are designed to provide warnings of impending weather conditions that may have an impact on the health of vulnerable people in the community.

You can also find further information on UV and sun healthAir quality forecast and pollen from our 'health related services' pages. However, if you require further information please contact our Health team.

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