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South West pollen maps

Different types of pollen are released from different plants and trees throughout the year which can generate hay fever and other allergies. These symptoms can have a serious impact on the well-being of some people.

Together with Public Health England (South West) we have produced species location maps of key allergenic plant species for the south west UK (Cornwall, Devon, Somerset). The maps show the locations of six different tree and plant species - grass, alder, ash, birch, oak and pine - key allergenic plants for asthma and hayfever.

Different plant and tree species come into flower at different times in the pollen season. Included on each map is a representation of general pollen season timings for each species. This is known as the pollen calendar as it shows when most of the pollen for a particular species of tree or plant is expected to be produced.

The maps do not provide a forecast of pollen in the region at any one time, but do provide the most likely locations of grass, and of tree species in forests and woodlands, which are the source of most allergenic pollen.

Pollen can be carried large distances in the wind, depending on weather conditions. To find out whether pollen levels are high in your region, see our daily UK pollen forecast on our UK forecast page. Simply click on 'show layers' and choose 'pollen count'.

The allergenic species maps provide information to local authorities and healthcare practitioners. They are useful as a tool to assist the treatment or self-management of patients with long-term health conditions caused by pollen allergy.

If you would like similar information for health providers or local authorities in your region, please Contact us.

    Alder location in south west UKAsh location in south west UK

    Birch location in south west UKGrass location in south west UK

    Oak location in south west UKPine location in south west UK

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