Enhancing weather and climate service delivery

Effective national weather and climate services are essential to strengthen a nation's preparedness, well-being, prosperity and prospects for growth.

To achieve this NMHSs need to deliver services to a wide range of customers in relevant, useful and accessible ways. We work in partnership with NMHSs worldwide to support them in developing their capabilities to deliver effective weather and climate services. We draw on our cutting edge science and operational experience to offer practical advice and specialist weather and climate consultancy services. 

Key areas we support include:

"The EWS (Early Warning System) project has greatly improved our forecasting capability and has enabled us to deliver services that are important for protecting life and property."
Anthony Twahirwa, Meteo Rwanda

Read more about how we support NMHSs in the case studies below:

Developing weather and climate services for the Nigerian offshore oil and gas industry

Opportunities for commercial weather and climate services serving the East African energy sector

Improving resilience to severe weather and climate change in the Philippines (PAGASA)

Enchancing media systems - Uganda

Initial Forecasting Course - Tanzania Meteorological Agency

Developing demand-led climate information services in Western Kenya

The following training programme aims to integrate disaster risk reduction into sustainable capacity development plans and help to enhance early warning systems:

Training: Severe Weather Events – Effective Planning