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Met Office forecasts keep trains running

Site-specific forecasts for railways and stations from the Met Office

Forecast available year round

OpenRail from the Met Office can help you plan for weather events which could disrupt or delay rail services.

OpenRail provides detailed weather information through an interactive map of your lines and stations. The service enables you to make fast decisions to improve planning and resources for weather-related events which could affect the safety and punctuality of your services.

This easy-to-use service features an interactive map designed for any user, regardless of weather expertise, to make fast decisions on weather events. Available 24/7 x 365 days a year, OpenRail can be helpful in determining how and when rail specific hazards such as:

  • strong winds
  • rain
  • ice and snow
  • high temperatures

can impact on the running of your railway service. You can view current and forecast data over a map of your rail stations and lines and be informed of weather events specifically affecting your lines up to five days ahead. This helps you plan more efficiently, helping you to improve the punctuality and reliability of your rail service.

You can also access our world-renowned forecasters' meteorological advice to improve your decision making process.

Having advance notice of these events will help you plan for potential service delays and help keep you and your customers on track. The Met Office is recognised worldwide for weather and climate expertise and accuracy of forecasts and has over 150 years' experience of delivering effective weather solutions.

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