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Quality Mark

Our Quality Mark scheme has been introduced to help you win and retain winter gritting business in the UK.

Our Quality Mark for Winter Gritters provides registrants with a benchmark for gritting activities. This will reassure your customers that you are getting the most accurate forecasts in the market, and that you have an understanding of the weather for winter gritting decision making.

What is the Met Office Quality Mark for Winter Gritters?

The Quality Mark is a scheme which you may qualify towards by meeting a range of set criteria. There are four levels that you may qualify for, as shown in the table below. 

What are the benefits of the scheme?

By registering on our Quality Mark scheme, you will be assigned a unique registration number and given a Quality Mark logo for you to use on your customer facing material. Our Quality Mark logo will give your customers the reassurance and trust in your professional expertise and investment in your services.

Key benefits to you:

  • Stand out from the competition - by qualifying to use our Quality Mark, you will be clearly differentiating yourselves from your competitors, by giving your customers reassurance in the service that you offer.
  • Accurate forecasts - demonstrate to your customers that you are using the most accurate weather information in the market.
  • Flexible - we offer a range of Quality Mark levels to suit all needs.

Key benefits to your customers:

  • Trust - our Quality Mark provides the tender reviewer with the peace of mind that the service you provide uses quality information to aid winter gritting decisions.
  • Reassurance - your customers will have the reassurance that you invest in your staff and knowledge of the weather to inform the service you provide.

What our customers say:

View our customer testimonials in our Met Office launches Quality Mark scheme.

How do I qualify for the Quality Mark?

There are four Quality Mark tiers which you may qualify for as stated in the table below*:

Criteria Met Office Gold              
Quality Mark
Met Office
Quality Mark
Met Office Bronze          
Quality Mark
Met Office Training Mark

Receives OpenSite forecasts and has contract in place for all customer sites for the current winter season

Yes Yes Yes No
Has received face to face Gritting Weather Essentials training course Yes No No No
Has completed Weather Basics online course Yes Yes No Yes
Currently uses a supplementary Met Office service to aid winter maintenance Yes No No No

* Terms and conditions apply.

All Quality Mark qualifiers will receive product guidance on how to best use the Met Office forecast information provided.

Silver and Gold level qualifying companies will have invested in training during the current year to equip their staff to better interpret weather information and understand road surface temperature changes that affect treatment applications.

How to I register or find out more information?

Please email and a member of the team will get back to you.

Privacy Notice

To find out about how the Met Office uses any personal information we collect about you, please see our Privacy Policy.

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