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Widget FAQs

Got a question about one of our widgets? Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why do I have to register?

We are keen to keep you up to date with any changes or updates to the Met Office widgets. To ensure we can keep you informed about all the latest developments on the widgets, we ask you to register. We will only contact you when there are any updates which you may like to add to your website, and we will only use your email address to notify you of changes to the widgets.

Is it possible to resize the Widget to make it smaller?

Resizing the widget varies depending on what widget you are using. The weather and warnings widgets dynamically resize depending on the amount of content you choose to include. If you need to make it smaller to fit on your webpage you will need to reduce the number of elements or forecast days that are displayed. Or when creating a new weather Widget you can select a fixed size, and then choose what content to include on it. Please note that smaller widgets will include less content. You will be notified in the step by step guide if content is unavailable for a certain size.

Can I change the colour of the widget, it doesn't fit the style of my web page?

The background colour of the widgets can be changed to either black or white, also the border colour of the widget can be changed.

Not all of the information on your website is available on the warnings widget, why is that?

The warnings widget is designed to contain the content you need to inform others about any warnings that are in place. If you require more detailed information about the general forecast you can still visit the main Met Office website for full details, or download the weather widget.

What areas does the warnings widget cover?

The widget can be set up to cover the whole UK (National) or each country. It can also be set up for a region such as the East Midlands, North East England etc. or by local authority.

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