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About the Met Office College

Offering training for both observers and forecasters

The Met Office College has been providing meteorological tuition for more than 75 years and has earned a reputation for being a world-leading provider of weather and climate training.

Our students include forecasters, observers, emergency responders, defence staff, road decision makers, broadcasters, air traffic control staff, airport and airline staff, light aircraft pilots, renewable energy staff and offshore meteorological observers. These students frequently travel from countries as far afield as Oman, Hong Kong, the Democratic Republic of Congo and from all across Europe.

Whilst we regularly deliver courses in our dedicated training facilities at our Exeter headquarters, we can also offer courses at a location of your choice in the UK or internationally. All courses will be taught in English. In order to ensure that students make the most of our courses, they must be able to understand, read and write in English at a high level. For students entering a foundation training programme, it may be possible to arrange training in English prior to the course. Our trainers are, however, also experienced in working with interpreters when required. We frequently get asked questions about a variety of subjects, so we have put together a list of questions and answers which hopefully will be helpful. Please visit our Frequently asked questions page.

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Should you need more help or advice please contact us by email.

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