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Climate change

Climate projections over the globe

The issues surrounding climate change are complex. To understand both the facts and the potential impacts for your business or your team, you need training you can trust, that focuses on what you need to know.

Our training is modular, with a range of core subjects to which we add topics specifically targeted towards your industry sector and/or individual needs. Climate change training is run on request.

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The core topics are:

  • Enhanced greenhouse effect
    Describes the difference between the beneficial greenhouse effect and enhanced greenhouse effect, naming the main driver gases.
  • Evidence for climate change
    The evidence climate change comes from a wide variety of sources. This module discusses the advantages/disadvantages of the main sources and how these multiple sources of evidence are pieced together to reveal that climate change is a real problem.
  • Climate change modelling
    Explains the difference between modelling weather and modelling climate. Discusses how models have advanced over the last 40 years and looks at several current examples.
  • Adaptation
    Explains how climate changes are 'locked in' and what might be necessary to adapt to differing levels of temperature rise.
  • Mitigation
    Mitigation aims to prevent irreversible damage to the environment from climate change. Examples of mitigation strategies would be taking the bus or cycling (instead of driving), or producing energy from renewable source (instead of burning fossil fuels).

The Met Office College provides a wide range of courses. To receive more information about training please register your details.

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